Contract Labour Compliance In Lucknow

Contract Labour Compliance at NAS Solutions Lucknow

Due to introduction of the new economic policy, contract labour has become of greater significance. Whole business world thoroughly relies on it. If you are looking for Contract Labour Compliance (CLRA) Registration Lucknow, then we can provide you the best Contract Labour Compliance at NAS Solutions Lucknow .

Some Significant Activities

  • Minimum wages payment to contract labourers
  • Registration & license under Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act
  • EPF, ESIC, Bonus, Gratuity, LWF, Salary Disbursement, Labour Returns for contract workers
  • Maintaining notices, forms, registers, & records under various legislations

Know about the consequences

  • Contract Labour absorption
  • Fine and/or imprisonment
  • Payment of the arrears of the contribution along with the interest

Our Contract Labour Compliance services are highly effective for the stakeholders: the contractor, contract workforce, and the principal employer. Our proficient efforts in assuring timely remittance of ESI LWF and PF, minimum wages, and access to the healthcare have upgraded their life quality and made an impact on their families.

Key points of Service

  • Office time management
  • Obtaining registration certificate
  • Obtaining licence for each applicable contractor
  • Accident Coordination support
  • Benefits coordination under EPF, ESI, LWF & WC for CL
  • ESI and EPF contribution via principal employer’s sub code/ contractor’s code
  • Ensuring minimum wage payment via proficient processes
  • Maintain contractor-wise registers, records and returns

Advantage with us

  • Swift and effective processes for engaging contract workforce
  • Hi tech services inspired from the contemporary technology
  • Immediate access to info and knowledge on nation-wide differences on contract labour engagement
  • Best in labour legislation consultation
  • Customized solutions for regulating and monitoring contract workforce engagement