HR Audit Services

HR Audit Services By NAS Solutions

NAS Solutions HR audit services are designed to dig deep into company records to ensure reliability and accuracy in areas like accounting systems, financial reporting and legal compliance. Audits generally deal with quantitative, easily measurable data. Ethical issues, on the other hand, are more often qualitative or subjective in nature. A number of qualitative research techniques make an ethical audit possible, but an ethical audit still necessarily functions differently from any kind of financial audit. Considering multiple perspectives to gain a big-picture understanding of a company’s commitment to ethics is the key to an ethical audit. NAS conduct HR Audit For the companies who want to understand weather their management is functioning accurately or not. NAS Solutions provides you the HR Audit services at very cost effective and professional manner.

Our Audit Services goes through the process of:

  • Briefing and orientation
  • Scanning material information
  • Surveying employee
  • Conducting interviews
  • Synthesizing
  • Reporting
  • Audit Reports

Our Audit services specifically focuses on-

HR Audit
Shop and Establishment Audit
Factory/Industrial Audit

An HR audit Service in India is a systematic review of the HR function, its strategic direction, structure and resources, systems and procedures; gaps and risks, costs and capabilities; and ultimately, its contribution to the organisation.

We provide well defined diagnostic tools to measure H’s performance against an organisation’s expectations and leading practices, and target areas that would benefit from improvement.