Advanced Excel Training


“Demystify some of the most complex business relevant areas of Microsoft Excel”
“Become an Expert and learn to use Excel like a pro with this Advanced Excel Training”

We also provide Advanced Excel Training which is most important part of growing career. No matter to which field you belong to, Microsoft Excel always plays an important role for all the working professionals in many ways. According to the traditional evaluation, around 250 million individuals are using this tool.  From formatting cells to integrating Microsoft Excel with some other software, you may get to see numerous features of Microsoft Excel. To understand the advanced features of Excel, one needs to undergo the advanced Excel training.

Why NAS Solution is best to get trained in Advanced Excel? As we all know that there are lots of institutes having Advanced Excel Certification Course but we are different from them. We have designed course structured in such a manner which can be easily understood and easily to learn.

These days, any managerial or analyst role requires that you work with data. Excel remains one of the most powerful and easy to use tools when it comes to crunching data. Learning Excel in a proper, structured way can not only help you save time, but it will also help you to become better at your job responsibilities and can give you time to focus on things and people that matter.

Microsoft Excel just might be the greatest piece of software ever developed.

So while there are a lot of basic tricks that you have to know, there are also a few tricks that will set you head and shoulders above the competition.

If you want to dazzle your bosses and beat your rivals, this training is a must for you!!

Our Modules

Module 1- Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formatting
a) Excel Conditional Formatting Options
b) Simple Conditional Formatting
c) Highlight Cells Rules
d) Clear Rules
e) Top/Bottom Rules
f) Color Cells Based on Cell Value
g) Find Duplicate Data in Excel with Conditional Formatting
Module 2 - Pivot Tables & Pivot Reporting
Pivot Tables & Pivot Reporting

a) Report Filter
b) Column Labels
c) Row Labels
d) Summation values
e) Change Summary Calculation
f)Update (refresh) data in a Pivot Table

Module 3- Charts

a) Create a Chart
b) Change Chart Type
c) Switch Row/Column
d) Chart Title
e) Data Labels
f) Move or resize a chart
g) Show or hide a legend
h) Display or hide chart axes or gridlines
i) Save a chart as a template

Module 4 - Formulas

a) Logical (ANd, IF, Or)
b) Text ( Clean, Concatenate, Exact, Len, Lower, Proper, Replace, Substitute, Trim, Upper)
c) Date & Time(Now, Today)
d) Lookup & Reference (Vlookup, Hlookup, Transpose, Rows, Columns)
e) Math & Trig(Ceiling, Even Odd, Fact, Floor, Gcd, Int, Lcm, Mod, Product, Sum, Quotient, Roman, Round, Rounddown, Roundup, Sqrt, Subtotal, Sumif, Sumproduct, Average, Autosum)

Module 5 - Other Important Topics
Other Important Topics

a) Handling Formula Errors
b) Data Validation
c) Data Consolidation
d) AutoFill
e) Naming Ranges and Cells
f) Cell referencing
g) Sheet Protection
h) Freeze and Split Panes