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    Consultation and Audit Services

    We offer Consultation and Audit Services on the labour legislative part of compliance which is a fundamental constituent of corporate governance.

    Consultation on all labour legislations for

    • Business start-ups
    • Mergers & acquisitions
    • Closure of business, legal entity, factories, offices, mines etc
    • Varied Business Models
    • Different nature of industries

    HR Audit Service

    Companies whether big or small must adhere to statutory laws and regulations to steer the businesses away from any legal trouble. Failure to meet compliance standards can lead to government penalties and lawsuits, as well as reduced employee satisfaction levels and amplified employee turnover.

    Our team of experts provides a comprehensive on-site and off-site audit to review the company’s employment practices, procedures, and compliance obligations.

    Thus, assist you in identifying compliance violations and risks that could affect your company’s reputation and thereafter recommend solutions on improving them.

    Services Offered:

    • A comprehensive audit of all labour related records for any establishment
    • Timely submission of Annual/ Half-yearly/Quarterly returns under various Labour laws
    • Pre-audit discussion and Audit Report presentation which contains: Executive Summary, Audit Observations & Recommended Action Plan
    • Maintenance of records, registers, forms & notices under various legislation
    • Remittances of ESI, EPF & LWF contributions for employees
    • Ensure minimum wage payment through effective processes
    • Criticality analysis of risk exposure or liability.

    Our exhaustive audit reports highlight any areas of risk and propose clear recommendations that are designed to prioritize the next steps needed to enhance employee productivity and mitigate potential risks.

    We Ensure

    • Shop & Establishment Compliance
    • Labour Law Compliance
    • Labour Law Audit
    • EPF & ESI Compliance
    • Labour Law Statutory Record Maintenance

    • Industrial Licenses
    • Labour Law Registrations
    • Labour Law Licenses
    • Factories Act Compliance
    • Payroll compliance

    We don’t take chances when it comes to compliance.

    We are worthy of your trust.