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    Employment Taxation

    Irrespective of the work you are doing, every salaried person needs to file their Income Tax Returns (ITR) every year, based on the income they draw during the course of the year. Accurate filing of returns is extremely important for safeguarding you from unwanted tax notices. Computation of income as well as managing rebates under different applicable sections and then arriving at the final ITR form can get very cumbersome.


    Our team of experts is always updated on the latest and current tax law practices, which allow us to identify the best approach to tax planning opportunities and reducing your tax liability. At NAS, we offer a host of income tax return services including preparing and e-filing that simplify your ITR filing. We offer tax consultancy to ensure that you are compliant with the regulations.

    Mandatory documents that one must have while e-Filing tax returns are as follows:

    • Form 16 issued by current employer
    • Form 16A Issued by bank wherever applicable
    • Form 26AS which details tax credits to your account
    • Home loan documents or HRA receipts
    • Documents of investments made for tax savings
    • Form 12B from previous employer if Joining mid in the year

    Service we Offer

    • Compute the total salary income payable to an employee during the financial year then deduct TDS accordingly.
    • Issue Declaration forms to collect Investment proofs if any.
    • Remitting monthly TDS to the government portal before 7th day of the following month; While in April, TDS on salary must be remitted prior to the 30th day of the month.
    • Quarterly filings of TDS returns.
    • To Generate statement of Total Income and comparison report
    • Issue Form 16, Form 26AS from Traces & to collect Form 12B from previous employer.
    • Assist employees in opting Old Tax regime Vs New Tax regime to save maximum tax liability.

    Why us?

    Experienced authorised tax-filer

    Experienced authorised tax-filer

    Clients have bestowed their trust because of our experience and diligent way of filing their tax-return accurately.

    Data is safe

    Data is safe

    We value your data and follow the highest standards in data security to keep it safe.

    Accurate tax filing

    Accurate tax filing

    You can always be sure that you are filing an accurate Income tax return.

    Run on values

    Run on values

    The company is run by highly professional and experienced people whose objective is to help clients with the best tax-filing experience.